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Females on UK boards is on the increase

Posted on May 22, 2012 by allmumkind | Comments (1724)

There has been a rise in women on boards, however a report by Deloitte has found that the positions are non-executive positions rather than the more sought after executive roles.

It is still proven that men take the more important nine out of ten positions on boards and this activity still happened even though the government put gender diversity at the top of their agenda.

This agenda point has arisen from Lord Davies who has put pressure on UK businesses to have 25% of female representation on their boards by 2015.

A target of 30% has been indicated as a target by David Cameron, which so far has had the backing of many of the UK’s biggest companies.

According to Cranfield School of Management eleven FTSE 100 companies still do not have any female representation at all on their board.

One company employing almost 50% of female representation on their board is Diageo and in second place is Burberry with over a third of females sitting on their board.

There has been some improvement since the late 90’s where around only 8% of females sat on FTSE 100 boards. Since then, this figure has doubled.

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