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Business leaders support flexible working as it "cuts costs"

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A group of 22 of Britain's biggest companies have signed a commitment to flexible working rights after finding that "agility" in staff hours and locations can cut workforce costs by as much as 13pc.

Some of UK's largest companies - Lloyds Banking Group, BT, B&Q, Citigroup, Ford Motor company, to name a few have launched a new group called the "Agile Future Forum" whose aim is to revoluntionise working practices which hopefully will boost the UK economy.

Adam Crozier, boss of ITV, say: "Our companies and organisations differ in size, sector and location but we share a common view that workforce agility is generating significant and tangible financial benefits for our businesses."

The group have identified that already nearly 96 percent of companies are using some degree of "flexible working", it has at times gained a negative reputation. Previously, businesses have felt that is increased employers costs. The group feel this is contrary to their experience. "If implemented successfully by business leaders, workforce agility can offer sustainable business performance and engaged employees."

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Only 1 percent of new fathers take up additional paternity leave

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A study of figures on the new additional paternity rights which came into force in 2011/12, showed that only 1 in 172 new dads actually took advantage of the additional paternity leave on offer. Of the new fathers, almost 300,000 who were eligible only 0.6 per cent took extra time.

Under APL, a father is able to take up to 26 weeks’ leave (of which up to 19 weeks is paid), if their partner has returned to work no earlier than 20 weeks after the birth of the baby.

The TUC has pointed out that the statutory amount which a father would receive weekly needs to be reviewed as this is rarely topped up by employers. The current weekly allowance is £136.

To encourage more dads to take time off in the first year of their child’s life, the TUC is calling on the government to increase the statutory rate of pay to 90 per cent of average earnings, and up initial paternity leave from two to six weeks.

Frances O'Grady - TUC general secretary commented “Poor levels of financial support are preventing new dads from taking extra time off and are particularly affecting low-paid fathers who simply cannot afford to take leave,”

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Is work-life balance working for you?

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Work-life balance working for you?

Did you know that the term "work-life balance' and 'flexible working' originated in America during the mid 80's. This was a period in the 80's when professionals were working much longer to the detriment of their families. The 'work-life balance' term was created.

Since then we have heard it more and more here in the UK and it is still a subject which can receive a negative reaction amongst a workforce. It can be divided from the 'real work' and often carries a stigma of 'part-time' and work for returning mothers.
Recent studies has been carried out to look at the drivers of trust and well-being. This also looks at environmental workplace factors, work-life integration, flexible working, workloads and what influence they actually have on well-being. It has been identified that there is a strong relationship between these factors and well-being which is a key predictor of performance. Workplaces needs to enable the workforce to flourish deliver their best. It shouldn't be simply about flexible working policies but a culture built on trust.

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