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Hike in childcare costs over last quarter

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The steep rises in childcare and in particular over the past three months are affecting parents returning to the workplace.

The research for the report conducted by leading childcare search website, found that the cost of childcare had risen by 6% in the last quarter. The impact of such findings resulted in more parents not being able to return to the workplace as they simply cannot afford it.

Interestingly the main increases to hit families was by parents living in London were they saw an increase in childcare costs rise to around 40%. Over half the parents who took part in the research felt that the government are simply not doing enough to support parents back to the workplace.

Over 1000 parents took part in the questionnaire they were asked to rank barriers to getting childcare from 1 to 5 and cost was the main concern, followed by safety, location and availability. Overall, a clear conscience was the least concern, but mums are still feeling guiltier about leaving their children than dads are with 7.2% of mothers and 4.5% of fathers ranking conscience as their number one childcare concern.

Other findings were that eight out of 10 parents said digital technology enhanced their child's early years' development although fewer childcare professionals agreed at 78%.

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Dad's wish to reduce hours at work to spend more time with children

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Recent research has found than more and more dad's would like to reduce their working hours to spend more time with their children.

Family life is becoming more of a priority over careers amongst more fathers these days than ever.
Dad's wanting part-time hours has been identified during the creation of the report "The Rise of Part-time Dads". The majority of men with kids - nearly 60% who work full-time hours are more and more keen to stay at home as they are missing out due to increasing hours demanded from office jobs.

Although there is an increased appetite for more dads to switch to part-time hours many do admit that they would be concerned over the perceived social stigma that is attached. This is nearly 70% of the dad's interviewed. Another concern would be being seen as secondary when it comes to earning potential.

This study was carried out by Office Angels to see how the Government's approaching changes to parental leave will affect both mothers and fathers. The Operations Director, Angela Smith goes on to say, "It's no longer unusual for the woman to be the highest earning partner in a relationship and against this backdrop, a new trend has emerged: that of the part-time dads, who take a greater role in the upbringing of their children … work-life balance is increasingly a subject that weighs heavy on dads' minds," she noted.

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Major unlisted businesses far less diverse than FTSE 100 companies

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A recent study carried out by the Observer has found that some of the UK's top private companies have no female representation on their boards.

Within the study, over half of the 100 private companies, although only represented by men, do embrace transparency and publish details of their boards.

In their defence, one of the private companies, GALA Coral insists that even though there is no female representation the directors had been selected on their calibre, not gender.
One company who admitted their organisation still "had work to do", was Virgin trains and suggested they needed to improve gender equality.

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Working mums to be given support towards child care

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The coalition has published it's mid-term programme today which includes good news for working mums wishing to return to the workplace.
Working mothers will be given thousands of pounds-worth of support for child care to help them to return to work, under plans being considered by David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

The news may ease some financial pressure from families as the government plans to allow parents to claim up to nearly £2,000 from tax paid which will contribute towards nursery day care and child minding fees.

The new proposal which should be confirmed by next week has been set-up to replace the inherited complex voucher and allowance scheme. This should ease the estimated £1 million women back into the workplace who are missing out because of extortionate childcare costs. Britain is the most expensive country in Europe for childcare costs which deters many women returning to work when they pay out a huge proportion of their salaries.

In the joint foreword to the review, which sets out the policy direction of the Coalition over the next two and a half years, Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg insist that the Tory/Liberal Democrat government is “steadfast and united”.
They say: “We will support working families with their childcare costs. We will build more houses and make the dream of home ownership a reality for more people. We will set out plans for long-term investment in Britain’s transport infrastructure.
“We will set out two big reforms to provide dignity in old age: an improved state pension that rewards saving and more help with the costs of long-term care.
“And as we take these steps to reshape the British state for the 21st century, we will take further steps to limit its scope and extend our freedoms.”

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